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What Type Of Flour Is The Best To Make Pizza Dough?

One of the main ingredients in making pizza dough is flour, which if you have ever looked at you would quickly realise there are multiple types and brands. As with most things, not all types of flour are the same and each type has its own purpose.


The main flour used by pizzerias around the world and used in Vianto and Co’s Classic Neapolitan Pizza Dough is 00 flour or as it is referred to in Naples, doppio zero.  The main differences between 00 flour and other types is the size of the grain and the amount of germ and bran contained in the flour. Having a flour that has a smaller grain profile will have an impact on the amount of water absorption that takes place.


Typically speaking, 00 flour will absorb less water than other flours which results in the dough having a higher hydration. This means that when it comes time to cooking the pizza, the crust will be light and full of air pockets. Having a higher hydration dough also aids in preparing the pizza as this will make stretching the dough into shape much easier.


Although 00 flour is the preferred option when it comes to making pizza dough, it is not the only option. You can still make a nice pizza dough with an all-purpose flour however it may not have the characteristics of a pizza that you would expect from a pizzeria. One of the main differences that you will find with using an all-purpose flour is that the dough will have a different texture and the crust will be chewier and denser.

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