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Gluten Free Neapolitan Dough Recipe

Image by David Todd McCarty


  • 800ml of water

  • 25gr of salt

  • 1kg of 00 flour

  • 8gr of fresh yeast (0.2gr of instant yeast)

  • 20gr of extra virgin olive oil



  • Mix water and salt into a large bowl and stir until dissolved.

  • Add approximately 30% of flour to the water and salt mixture and mix until combined.

  • Once combined, add yeast and mix until dissolved.

  • Add remaining flour into the bowl and mix until the mixture is dry.

  • Add oil and mix until combined

  • Place dough onto work bench and portion the dough into 6 dough balls weighing 280gr.

  • Individually wrap each dough ball in glad wrap and place in the fridge at 4 to 8 degrees Celsius for 12 to  18 hours

  • After 12 to 18 hours, remove the dough balls from the fridge and let them continue to rise at room temperature for 6 hours. 

After 18 to 24 hours your dough should be filled with plenty of air to give your pizza a nice fluffy crust.

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